Evil Seeds

Evil Seeds

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Yes The Game is now Released!
There are still Bugs and no Speel check is done!
If you played the "Full Beta Version then you dont need to play the release version"



Sunday, February 9, 2014

-Sunday Talk 4-

this is the last Sunday Talk here!
You can find the next Talks all on my Main Blog!
well... ES is not my only project i working on!
If just released a Mini Game called Stranded Tits.  :)

Don't panic now! I don't quit working on Evil Seeds!
But i think Evil Seeds is in a pretty good state now and it don't needs that much attention anymore ;)

Future Plans for Evil Seeds:

1 Mini-games:
Sneaking out of the Ship
Flying with an Airplane.

this and more you can find in ES but there are some bugs in there.
so i decide to change them.
They are pretty hard now to do so maybe i make it possible to Skip those events!
But give rewards to those guys who finish them!
*something like that i don't know atm*

2 H-Scenes:
I will ad some more Side Quests soon!
and those will reward you with H-Scenes.
I fell like the Characters need more interaction.

stay tuned see ya :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick Update:

i have fixed already some bugs!
Thanks to everyone who tested/played the Game so far!
also thanks fort hat awesome feedback i got over the forums.

*Fixed a Bug where u can exploit the World with the first ship.
*Fixed a Bug where u cant reach the Last Pearl (high end content)
*and much more tweaking on Class/Enemy and Items!
u can download the new version --->

thanks to you guys!
please also visit my Main Blog for other Games and Updates :)

see yaa

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Main Blog is up

Hello all!

if you like my Game then your welcome to view my other Games :)
every game i made is Free2play and free2download! 100%!
to get a overview just follow my MAIN BLOG.
so you never miss any new games i publish or i work on!
MAIN BLOG => http://sythmang.blogspot.co.at/

thank you and stay awesome!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Download the Game now!
its free!

*this is the beta version! so there are still bugs/spell-errors!
and not all the features included!

stay tuned for future Updates and other Projects!
best reg. SythmanG

Saturday, February 1, 2014

-Sunday Talk 3-

i work on the last few Events and Maps!
The Story is Finished!
Currently i improve the all Maps and i add the last side Quests!

ALL Enemy's are Finished counting 55 Enemy's and some more trash Monsters.
Game time without doing any side Quest is about 5-6H (for me) with side quests u will need about 12H.

DEV in %:

Maps: 96%
Classes/Skills: 90%
 Enemies/Items 100%
 Heroes and H Events: 70%
 Story: 100%
Events and everything else 85%

stay tuned